Testimonials, Raves and Reviews for Person + Killian Photography

What the Wedding Industry is Saying…

“Jill Person is a premier Boston photographer and our team absolutely loves working with her. She’s a standout in her industry for many reasons. She’s positive, friendly, detailed, highly skilled, and creative! She works hard and has fun doing it. Her passion shows in her work through expressive and extremely high quality photos – she always captures the best moments of an event! Jill’s extensive experience sets her above the rest. She can handle anything we through at her!” – Emily Knight – Director, Events Marketing at Boston Magazine

“10 years ago when I moved from New York and started working in the Boston area, Jill Person was one of the first industry professionals that I was introduced to. I knew fro the start that she was not only a skilled photographer – but a wonderful person to work with. Over the years, I have always recommend my clients to Jill, but it’s not just because of the quality of her work (which is superb) it’s because of the amazing experience I know they will have throughout the planning process.

Beyond that, Jill really taught me a lot about this community that we work within and the value of going the extra mile. She reaches out before each event to make sure her information matches up with ours. She makes sure she understands the ins and outs of the venue and their policies. She shares photos immediately when she can which is invaluable to us as a company and has been a sounding board for me on numerous occasions.

Selecting a photographer is about so much more than the photos – you spend a lot of time with this person, and you need someone who is as skilled with the camera as they are with navigating family dynamics and tight timelines. With Jill, you get the whole package!” – Eliza Rafferty – Director of Sales and Production – The Catered Affair

“No superlative would be enough to capture Jill Person’s talent as a photographer and business woman. Over many years she has helped our company, Capers Catering, with branding photography, the launch of our sister company, Olive & Twist mobile bar, and gorgeous food photography. At every turn she has been spot on with her advice, professional, positive and has turned our photo shoots around quickly. Jill is truly a star and a pleasure to work with.” Emma Roberts, Owner – Capers Catering and Olive & Twist

“Every time I work with Person + Killian Photography, I know that the experience is going to exceed not only my expectations, but the expectations of my clients. It’s so important to have a partner that has the same standard for service & excellence that you do. They are professional, efficient and amazing photographers. When you look at the work, you feel like you are there in the moment; they capture the  beauty, emotion, and spirit all at once – it’s magic. “ Carrie Campbell, Director of Sales Boston Red Sox


Love Notes …

September 2019 – Katie Littleton – Jill, Words do not do justice. Tim and I are incredibly appreciative, we can’t even begin to tell you. Our wedding day was nothing short of a fairy tale that I didn’t even know existed, and you so perfectly captured EVERY second. You were anywhere and everywhere without being obtrusive or in the way – you were professional, kind and supportive of our needs and those of our family. You are simply amazing – I know how much time and editing goes into publishing the pictures. From the bottom of our hearts, Tim and I could not be more grateful of all that you have done for us. Our wedding day will forever be real and alive because of  the moments you captured. Jill, We love you and all of our photos!!! Very best, Katie and Tim

July 2019 – Olivia Whalen – We knew we needed a true professional to help us capture all the shots we wanted on our wedding day – Jill Person and her assistant exceeded all expectations! Jill worked with us on the timeline prior to our wedding day and executed it flawlessly. We got every single picture we wanted in all three locations and still made it to the reception on time! What’s more, we never felt rushed or pressured. Jill is incredibly personable and made everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. This was the first wedding for both of families and many of our wedding party. It was such a relief to have an experienced, organized photographer guiding everyone through the process and making sure we enjoyed ourselves while doing it! I cannot say enough good things about Person + Killian. From the moment we booked Jill she made everything so seamless. We will treasure the engagement session, getting ready pictures, ceremony photos, portraits and the COUNTLESS shots she captured of all our guests at the reception forever. If you’re on the fence, THIS is the vendor to budget for. The photos are what will keep the memories fresh long after the wedding day. Worth. Every. Penny.

July 2019 – Victoria Jonas – Hi Jill – these are AMAZING!!! We are freaking out (in a good way) about how beautiful your work is! It was so fun to have you there on our special day and not to relive the moments through the gallery of photos!
June 2019 – Lucy Kapples (Mother of the Bride) – Hi Jill, Thank you so much for the lovely photos. We love them. You are an excellent photographer and we appreciate your talent and wonderful personality! You were unobtrusive, supportive and kind. We appreciate everything you did for our families and guests that day. Many thanks again. Best, Lucy
October 2018 – Chuck Berds – Jill, We want to thank you so much for being our photographer for our wedding. You truly made the day so memorable and going through these photos gave us all of the feels!!!!!

September 2019 – Amanda Glick – Dear Jill, Zach and I sit here, still floating high and reflecting on THE MAGIC that the weekend was, we wanted to thank you for being a part of it all. Your calm, fun, kind, professional, excited and easy going demeanor made the entire picture taking process the absolute BEST for us and our families/bridal party and guests. Our hearts are forever filled with much love and gratitude for you. These are absolutely amazing! Exquisite! Gorgeous! Incredible! We love you!

August 2018 – Erin Brugger + Thomas Whelan – Hi Jill! Thank you so much for these incredible photos. We are a loss for words. You were amazing to work with and we are honored to have had you as our wedding photographer. Thanks again! / Via Wedding Wire: “From our engagement photos to our wedding day, Jill simply amazed us! As a couple who doesn’t love being the center of attention, Jill made us feel incredibly comfortable. Her professionalism, personality and talent are all evident in the quality of her work. In addition, she was extremely responsive whenever we had any questions. we absolutely loved working with her and would highly recommend her services!

August 2019 – Courtney Rung and Brian Granetz – Jill, these photos are STUNNING! We looked through them all last night and they are just beautiful. Thank you so much for capturing all of these beautiful memories for us and for being such a pleasure to work with. We are going to look through  them again and again and again!

August 2018 – Lauren + Ian Worgaftik – Hi Jill, Thank you SO MUCH for these amazing photos and for such a surprisingly quick turnaround. You were unbelievable all day and incredibly patient, calming, and professional through the mayhem of managing so many people. From day one we knew we made the right choice when we signed on with you, and these pictures don’t do justice to the “intangibles” you and Nikki brought to the day. Lauren and I had so much fun looking through these pictures late last night (even through Lauren had to work early today) – we couldn’t take out eyes off them. Thank you for making us look like superstars. We’ve already begun showing all of our friends just about every picture and I know we don’t stop singing your praises for a very, very long time. You certainly contributed to how much fun the wedding day was, and we really can’t thank you enough!

July 2018 – Meredith + Sean – Dear Jill, Thank you so much for your incredible efforts, brilliant creativity and unflappable organization and attention to detail. It was truly a pleasure to work with you throughout the day and we could not be more thrilled with all of the special moments you managed to capture (and made look beautiful!). It was such a relief to see your ease and comfort in managing the different dynamics, timelines and flow of the day while keeping the atmosphere light and fun. You allowed us to be present in the moment and truly enjoy all the company and excitement around us. We have loved looking through you work over these past few weeks and are so grateful that you have given us such beautiful work to look back on in the years to come. We can’t thank you enough!July 2018 – Greg + Julina Kanaraian (Groom) Hi Lauren, These look absolutely amazing! You guys did an incredible job. Thank you so much for taking care of us on such an important day. * Julina ( Bride)- Hi Lauren! These are stunning, I’m glowing now reliving it all. Thank you so much for everything, I’m so happy to see these and we’ll be looking at all of them in the next few weeks making some hard choices! I don’t know how you did it–it seems you were in all the right places at the right times to capture the feelings of the day and I’m just amazed at how they’ve turned out. Thank you, thank you! Julina

July 2018 – Liz Perlman + Nick Boller – Thanks so much Jill for being such an awesome part of such an awesome day! You and your team are the best! Thanks again for sharing your artistic gift and awesome vibes on our special day!

July 2018 – Ashley Crowley – Jill, WOW! The pictures are amazing! We can’t stop looking at them. Thank you so much for everything during the planning process and the actual wedding. It was such a joy to work with you. Your work speaks for itself and we are in awe of how beautiful the photos are!

June 2018 – Linsey Barker and Chris Lally – Jill, Chris and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the absolutely stunning photos you took of our wedding day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing us with such beautiful mementos of our special day. It was an absolute treat to spend the day with you and Evan and the pictures you took are dynamite!

May 2018 – Danielle and David Smoot – We worked with Jill for our wedding day and couldn’t have been more thrilled. From the engagement shoot before the big day to getting to know us and how we photograph to getting perfect shots from our wedding day we loved working with her!!

May 2018 – Laura Schneider – Jill, Thank you SO much for your AMAZING work and talent! I can’t tell you enough how happy I am with these pictures! It was awesome to work with you and I’m so excited to share these with my family!

May 2018 – Julia and Steve Chen – Jill, thank you for being our photographer and capturing all of the most intimate and celebratory moments! You’ve been great to work with and we wish you many more years of success! Love, Julia & Steve

April 2018 – Erika Zahoruiko – Jill, Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day! Drom the moment we booked with you, we knew we made the best decision. Working with you for our engagement shoot was a blast and really helped us get used to the camera. Thank you for making us feel comfortable and for capturing all of the special moments of our wedding day. The photos are truly incredible. We could not be any happier! Love, Erika and Jimmy

April 2018 -Kristen Dorsey – Dear Jill, Words can not express how much we appreciate all that you did to make out special day even more amazing! Your thoughtfulness, professionalism and attention to detail was exceptional and we feel so lucky to have worked with you! Our wedding day was a dream come true and you gave us the spectacular photos that perfectly captured the love and laughter shared with family and friends! Thank you so much for your incredible talents, creativity and hard work! With love, Kristen + Keith

February 2018 – Lindsey + Sal Longo – Hi Jill! Your work is truly incredible and we both can’t thank you enough for your work on our special day! Wishing you a ton of success as you approach your busy season!

January 2018 – Hillary Keach + Devlin McConnell – Jill, Thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding day beautiful and special. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you!

August 2017 – Chloe and Jeff Menard – Jill, Thank you so much! The pictures are absolutely beautiful and we feel so lucky that we had you to capture our special day! We are seriously so impressed. Thanks again for everything. We will definitely recommend Person + Killian to all of our friends!

August 2017 – Caitlin Callaghan and Dave Kell – Dear Jill, Thank you for shooting our wedding earlier this month. The photographs came out AMAZING. We can not believe what great moments you captured and are so pleased. We are grateful you were willing to shoot all our special shots as well as the groups. While that often can be difficult, you made it look easy! We are so impressed that you got a good shot of all our wedding guests. Your relaxed and positive energy was also a blessing and we are so thrilled with the results!

July 2017 – Amanda Belichick – Lauren  + Jill, These are so stunning. You did an amazing job. It’s incredible to see it through another perspective, and to see so many things that I missed, or that I was doing and didn’t realize.  I feel like I’m using a lot of !!!! but that’s really how I feel right now. These are so amazing and you both did such a great job. You were so wonderful to work with!  Thank you again. These are stunning. Hopefully you like us enough to photograph everything else that happens in our life – I am just blown away.  Talk soon!!! SO MUCH LOVE Amanda

June 2017 – Brittany and Bryan Dunn – Hi Jill, WOW! Thank you so much for capturing our day. We are so happy with all of our photos! They are absolutely beautiful. Thank you again for everything. It was an absolutely perfect day!

May 2017 – Shikha Goel – Hi Jill,  I love the photos so much!! You really made the whole wedding feel so special to us. We’re going to treasure these forever. Thank you so much!

May 2017 – Samantha Saperstein – Hi Jill, I can’t even get through them all without people grabbing my phone from me but OH MY GOD. I have no words. Jill these are amazing. Outstanding. I love them and you!

May 2017 – Elyse Linson – I was very deliberate when booking with Person and Killian but I did not realize just how wonderful a decision it would be. Jill Person and her assistant were relaxed, professional, flexible, so so kind, and so talented. They captured the night the way it felt and the pictures came out more beautiful than I could have imagined. From the bottom of my heart, I would recommend them to anyone. My biggest problem is that now I have too many photos that I absolutely love. I cannot thank them enough for being so spectacular. Anyone would be lucky to have them capture their wedding/event. Thank you Jill and Jon– you guys are a dream. -Elyse

February 2017 – Elana and Pete Nesbit – If you are lucky enough to be able to book Jill, you absolutely should! Jill is so warm, so professional and has so much expertise – we have been thrilled with our photos and cannot say enough good things about working with her. Our wedding pictures are simply gorgeous and we are so happy with how Jill captured our day. One underrated photographer skill is the ability to wrangle a large group of people and get all of the pictures that you want at your wedding. A lot of people warned us about forgetting to ask for specific group pictures, but Jill took care of all of that for us and we never had to think about it on the day of our wedding. Jill and her team were able to direct our families and large wedding party so efficiently and nicely, and they worked seamlessly to make the formal picture time go smoothly. We have so many extra shots from that time and loved that so many candid moments were captured as well. Getting a photographer for our wedding was something I really wanted to be sure I made the right decision about, but I knew right away that Jill would be a good fit. She was just the right person to be with us, and I am so so happy that we went with her!

November 2016 -Chris Renfro – Hi Jill, Zach and I wanted to thank you and your team for all of your help this past weekend. Our wedding exceeded all of our expectations thanks to the help from all of our amazing vendors. We had a lot of fun shooting photos all around the city and in the library and can’t wait to see the final products. If the first photo is any indication they are going to be unreal!

November 2016 – Zach Wallace – Jill, the photos are incredible!  Thank you for giving us the chance to relive that amazing day again!  We can’t wait to do again and again and again! We can’t wait to see them on a bigger screen when we get back from our honeymoon. Thanks again for everything.

November 2016 – Jill and Ben Lewis –  We initially met with Jill Person because we has three couples tell us that while they didn’t select Person & Killian, they wished they had. Lucky for us, when we met with Jill, at the end of 2015, she had one wedding date open in 2017 and it happened to be our date. This fact, combined with Jill’s infectious/calming personality and her incredible portfolio made the selection a no-brainer for us. We were thrilled working with Jill. While she’ll happily lead the artistic charge, she’ll also take direction from the couple and help them bring a specific vision to life.  She clearly loves what she does and each wedding is so special to her.

October 2016 – Brett Peterson – I can’t recommend Person + Killian Photography enough if you’re looking for a wedding Photographer. It was an absolute pleasure working with them in every way imaginable. We worked with Jill, who really cared about what we wanted to do for our pictures and took absolutely stunning pictures. She is so easy to work with and made the entire process enjoyable and easy. We have gotten countless compliments on all of our pictures and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. Everything from the quick turnaround to way that the pictures are presented to us were beyond perfect! You’re missing out if you don’t use Person + Killian!

September 2016 – Hilary Maron – Jill, Thank you so much for these amazing pictures from Emily’s Bat Mitzvah. We love every single picture that you took and are not sure how we will even pick for our album. We can’t wait to do this all over again for Lauren’s Bat Mitzvah next!  Thanks again Jill!!!

August 2016 – Christina Crowley – Jill,  The pictures are amazing and you were so wonderful. My mother, who if you couldn’t tell is a tough woman to please, has not stopped raving about you since the wedding. Your second shooter was also wonderful. Thank you again for everything. You were a truly wonderful part of our wedding.

August 2016 – Tara Blackman – I can’t say enough great things about Person and Killian! We worked with Jill Person for our August 21, 2016, and she also did our engagement photos. All of the photos came out beautifully and when I posted them on FB, I got so many wonderful responses about the gorgeous photos. Jill is very flexible and accommodating, and most importantly, she is so nice and makes you feel excited and relaxed about the whole process.

July 2016 – Michele Ciccarelli – One of the best and easiest decisions I made during my planning process was hiring Person + Killian Photography. As a wedding professional myself I have worked with them on many weddings at various venues, and knew that I would be in the very best of hands. I can say that working with Jill in professional settings as well as now a personal setting has been nothing short of amazing. She put our entire family and bridal party at ease during formal photos as we took these prior to the ceremony when everyone was a little nervous. Any shots that we wanted to do she was game for, but also knew what photo combinations we would need for family photos, etc. If there is any doubt in your mind, I can assure you that these ladies are the way to go!!

June 2016 – Suzy Casey – Hi Jill, We were so excited when we got the pictures that we immediately starting going through them and sharing the link with our families. We are over the moon with these photos!! We absolutely love them! You did such an amazing job and we could not be happier!

May 2016 – Meredith Caplan – Jill, The pictures look amazing, there are so many great ones to choose from! I have basically done nothing this week but continue to look through photos. – From Amy, Mother of the Bride- Just wanted to let you know that the wedding pictures are fantastic! It will be difficult to choose which ones to put in an album. It was a pleasure working with you. There is a reason you are so highly thought of in Boston! Look forward to creating the albums with you.

May 2016 – Erica Rothschild – Jill!!! Gushing over these. Amazing, amazing shots. It was so wonderful to work with you. I am literally obsessed and can’t stop looking at all of them. Thank you!

Oct 2015 – Becca Miller – Hi Jill! I can’t even begin to thank you for all you did to capture the most happy and wonderful day of our lives. You were such a pleasure to work with (since we first met!). Thank you for everything. These pictures are absolutely magnificent. You are your team are geniuses. Thank you so much for everything.

Sept 2015 – Sarah Grimsgaard -Thanks Jill!! We love the photos so much. I cannot stop looking at them. You did an amazing job!! So great to meet you I will be sure to recommend you guys to any friends I have that are getting married in Boston.

Sept 2015 – Jenn Weinstein – Hi Jill- LOVE these!! The collection of photos are incredible. You brought me back to each moment as you told the entire story through each picture you selected. I can’t stop looking at this!!!!! You SO got all of it and us and just well all I can say is… THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

Sept 2015 – Kailey Theriault – Jill! Wow!!!! You have completely blown us away with the amazing photos from our wedding day and rehearsal dinner.  I cannot believe how amazing they are! They are way above and beyond anything that we expected and it seems that every one is better than the next!!!! We feel so privileged to have had such great people to work with and you were so amazing at ensuring that everything remained on time and flowed.  You were such a pleasure to work with!  Thank you again for being a part of our special day.

Aug 2015 – Kimberly + Daniel – Hi Jill, WOW! The photos are absolutely amazing!! They could not be better! The photos in the public garden and the stairs are exactly what I have been dreaming about all year. We got back from our honeymoon late Thursday night and we have been looking at the photos all weekend! Thank you so much for everything! It was a pleasure having you with us on our big day!

Aug 2015 – Colleen + Matthew Blair – Hi Jill! Thank you so much for sending these. They are AMAZING! We are thrilled with how they turned out! You were great to work with! Everything looks awesome – thank you again!

July 2015 – Michael Ikoma – Jill, Thank you so much for capturing our wedding! IT has been so fun going through these pictures, both by ourselves with and with our friends. We are so glad that we had you are part of our wedding team. You are truly amazingly talented!

June 2015 – Stacey + Evan Olesh – Hi Jill, We are sitting in the airport in Johannesburg, discussing how amazing our wedding was, and we just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for helping to make it such a success. We know we told you this on Saturday but you absolutely crushed it!!! The entire day was smooth and seamless we know we are going to love all of the photos. Our family dynamic isn’t easy to manage and you did it without blinking an eye. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thanks again, we can’t wait to see everything and relive the day again and again!

June 2015 – Danielle + Alejandro – Jill, We were so excited to see our photos on your blog! Thank you! Equally (and even more) exciting was your email with a link to our photos. We cannot stop looking at them! Thank you! You captured all our emotions in these photos. You are truly a gifted and talented photographer. We hope you are doing well and again, thank you so much for capturing the special moments and all of the in between moments of the wedding.

June 2015 – Katie + Griffin Sullivan – WOW! Jill! Thank you so much! These pictures are amazing and even more than we hoped for! Thank you so much for capturing so many wonderful moments of our wedding. We really can’t thank you enough. These really are stunning, and you were so wonderful to work with. Thank you again!

June 2015 – Katie + Barry – Dear Jill, We can not thank you enough for our amazing engagement photos. We had such a great time during the session and the photos exceeded our expectations! We are still having trouble selecting our favorites. Thank you again so much and we can’t wait until October!

May 2015 – Michelle Murtagh – I actually work in the Boston Wedding Industry and get to work with Jill Person on a professional level, quite often. On the professional side, Jill is an absolute dream to work with. Always so positive, pro-active, enthusiastic, on-time, detail oriented and wanting to get the absolute best photographs for her bride and groom. She is truly dedicated to her job, her passion and the individuality of each bride and groom. Getting to be a bride myself this past July, working with Jill on a personal level was everything I knew it would be and more. She is incredibly genuine and takes the time to really get to know the bride and groom and what is important to them on their special day. I knew we would be in great hands! Having Jill there on our special day was not only FUN but she kept everyone organized and on schedule. She captured every detail of our wedding and we could not have asked for more beautiful photographs. We had an absolute wonderful experience with Person&Killian and are so grateful for all of Jill’s hard work, patience, expertise and stunning photographs!

May 2015 – Danielle Dray- Jill, Alejandro and I want to thank you so much for everything on Sunday. It was such a pleasure to work with you. You are so easygoing yet professional and clearly know how to control the crowds (and you handled our family photos so gracefully). We cannot wait to see our photos and we are so appreciative of your work!

May 2015 – Kate + Brian Wright – Dear Jill, Thank you so much. These photos are absolutely wonderful!!!  We kept talking about how calm you made everyone feel throughout the whole process!  You are truly an amazing person and we were lucky to have you with us on our wedding day!May 2015 – Meghan + Tim Stoll – Jill, I just don’t even know where to begin… You created such a seamless and fluid wedding for Tim and I.  When you make a decision on your photographer, you focus on personalities and pictures, yet you made our day so smooth and calm. I look forward to hugs and laughs upon our return. Endless thanks, Meghan

January 2015 – Alyssa + Ryan Foster – Jill, the pictures are AMAZING!!!!! We love all of them!! Such a wonderful job you both did and the photos outside are wonderful! I don’t even look cold. Thank you again!  -Alyssa

January 2015 – Lisa + Mike Clark – Thanks Jill!!!  The best thing about getting home was getting to go through the photos. You were so amazing to work with and I will highly recommend you to anyone we know getting married.  Thanks a million!!! – Lisa

December 2014 – Emily + Marc Sloat – Jill, We just sat with my parents and went through the pictures and we are all so blown away and happy with them. We can’t get enough of our amazing work. I think I will look at the photos every single day for a long long long time. Honestly, Marc and I can’t stop talking about how wonderful you and your team were. We will be recommending you to our friends. I hope we have opportunities to have you with us again soon.

November 2014 – Cortney + Greg Hurley – Dear Jill, We can not begin to thank you enough for all you have done for us! Your professionalism, kindness and generosity is unmatched. Thank you again! Best, Cortney + Greg

November 2014 – Joyce + Jason Oifer- Jill! I wanted to thank you so so much for being so wonderful at our wedding! You totally put Jason and I at ease. You’re the sweetest. The pictures are amazing!!! XOXO

October 2014 – Natalie + John Hachem – Jill  had photographed my friend’s wedding two years ago. When I saw her photos I knew that I would want her to do my wedding someday. That day arrived and I could not have asked for a better photographer! Jill and her staff were so professional, know how to capture every single beautiful shot, and truly are artists behind the lens. I keep reliving my wedding day through these photos.

October 2014 – Leandra + Matt – Person + Killian Photography is amazing! We worked with Jill for our wedding and I knew from our first meeting that she would capture our day perfectly. From our engagement photos to our wedding day photos every picture is perfect we could not find one we did not like! The day of our wedding Jill was amazing she captured every moment from getting ready to the reception and each picture is flawless. We cant stop looking at them! Jill was so easy to work with any questions I had she answered and had our pictures back to us so soon after the wedding. We cant wait to work with her and pick our pictures for our wedding album! We can not thank you enough we have wonderful pictures from our wedding that will last us a lifetime. I would highly recommend Person + Killian to any bride to be!

September 2014 – Amy + Craig Forleiter – From Amy: Jill, Craig and I wanted to thank you for photographing our wedding. We loved having you there and cannot wait to see the final products! In addition to doing beautiful work, your enthusiasm and warmth made the entire process not only easy, but fun! The family and bridal party raved about you. The pictures are beyond amazing. I might get fired from work because all I do is look at them… Can’t wait to order the album, but no idea how we’ll choose the pics! From Craig: Oh my god, they are amazing! I can’t stop looking at them! I got through all of them, and then I realized that was only the HIGHLIGHTS, so I went back and did them ALL! Now it’s 2 hours later and I’ve accomplished NOTHING today! So worth it! We are obsessed with your work, and cannot wait for albums.

August 2014 – Samantha + Chris Ramonetti – Jill, We truly had an amazing time and couldn’t have asked for more out of the night! You and your assistant did a wonderful job with managing the photo opportunities as well as remaining discreet throughout the evening. We are extremely excited to see all of the pictures and relive the night.

August 2014 – Jamie Filton – Jill, We finally had a chance to look at our wedding album. I laughed, I cried, but mostly I was overwhelmed with happiness that I had my own fairytale come true captured with such gorgeous photography. Some of my earliest memories are of looking at my parents wedding album (which was approximately 30 photos of their 20 person wedding, taken by a friend who considered photography a hobby). I always remember thinking that even though the binding was falling apart, and my mom was neither in a veil, nor a white dress, that it looked like a fairytale wedding…they were young, happy, in love and surrounded by their closest family and friends–what else do you need? I remember hoping that one day, I would meet my “prince charming” and have a similar album to call my own, with my own family and friends, and even thought that like my parents, I too would have a wedding in our backyard… Unfortunately, our backyard didn’t quite fit all of our family and friends, but needless to say, it still turned out to be the wedding I had always hoped for (the Mandarin being a welcome alternative). Thank you for translating our fairytale so beautifully into an album, that it actually looked like a fairytale! Thank you for so awesomely capturing the joy and unbridled enthusiasm (of us, our families and our guests) from the entire day and evening. Thank you for telling a story that I am excited to share with friends today, and look forward to sharing with our future children in the years ahead. You have created a piece of work that will be cherished for a lifetime. All the best, Jamie

July 2014 – Michelle + Brian – Hi Jill, Thank you so so so much for being a part of our wedding! I always LOVE working with you and it was so special to have you there with us on our wedding day! It was very comforting knowing that we were in such great hands and so fun spending the day with you. Just knowing you were there, totally put us at ease!

July 2014 – Jenn + Kevin Neville – Jill, Thank you so much for beautifully capturing our wedding day. The pictures came out absolutely amazing! When Dan (our original photographer) cancelled on us, we were afraid our pictures wouldn’t be as we had hoped, but I know think his cancelling was a blessing in disguise because our pictures are far better than we have ever hoped. Thank you! – Jen and Kevin

July 2014 – Nicole Addazio – Jill, I just wanted to send a quick note to say a HUGE thank you for the stunning photos of our special day. You are amazing and I’m so grateful you worked with us! I feel like you perfectly captured so many moments of the day, our expressions, personalities and the beautiful ceremony and ballroom. Thank you! It was also fun to get to know you and work with you on a personal level. Your laid-back approach and willingness to work with us from afar was so appreciated! I can’t tell you how many times my mom or I would look at each other and say “I just love Jill! :)” I do hope we stay in touch and our paths cross again in the future! All my best and thank you again so very much! – Nicole

May 2014 – Nicole + Patrick Brennan – Hi Jill! We both wanted to send a message to let you know how amazing you are and how much fun we had with you on Saturday!! What a beautiful day we got, we feel so thankful!! We can not wait to see the amazing photos you took.  Thank you again for making our day so special and capturing the love!!!

April 2014 – Jen + Justin – Jill, Thank you so much for taking our engagement photos. The whole process was so easy thanks to you. Justin and I can’t wait to have you shoot our wedding and feel so lucky to have you as our photographer! Thanks again for the beautiful photos!

April 2014 – Sarah + Mark Dhooge – Jill Person was our engagement and wedding photo photographer and we could not have had a better experience with her. I am so beyond thrilled with both of our meetings with her and the photos that she took. I am someone who is very uncomfortable having my picture taken and I don’t consider myself photogenic. Jill had such a great way at putting me and my now husband at ease. I have never been happier and more satisfied looking at pictures of myself. Jill is a true professional, warm, kind, and talented. I would recommend her services to any bride who wants the true emotion and events of her wedding day captured perfectly and beautifully.

April 2014 – Jenn + Kevin Neville – Hi Jill, Thank you so much for beautifully capturing our wedding day. We received everything the day we arrived home and they all came out amazing! Our pictures are even better than we had ever hoped for.  Thank you for capturing our special day for us!

March 2014 – Amanda + Jesse Avalos – Dear Jill, Thank you so much for capturing our wedding day. We could not be more pleased with the results. We can not wait to order our album and photos for our home.

October 2013 – Emily + Chris Burke – Jill, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for everything you did to make our wedding day so perfect.  You are truly a pro in every sense and your experience and demeanor kept us calm and happy from hair and makeup all the way through our reception (including when we were all locked in the dorm hallway and when we managed to pull the bumper off the bus!) You are such a pleasure to work with. Thanks again for everything you did (seen and unseen) to capture the happiest day of our lives.  We are so grateful.

September 2013 – Jessica + Michael Keegan – Hi Jill! We just got back from Hawaii this morning. I did get a chance to look at some of the pictures while we were there, and they are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am about to spend several hours going through them again! I seriously can’t believe how well they turned out. You were so wonderful to work with. Everybody that I have shared the link with keeps saying what a great job you did, and how easy you were to be around. I hope you had fun with us that weekend!

September 2013 – Elizabeth Saturley Borbon – Jill, Thank you so much!  Randolph and I have been looking through the photos, but there are just so many great ones to choose from! I loved the ones you took of my mom and I as well, they are all great!  We had such a fantastic time.

July 2013 – Kate + Joe – Hi Jill, Just an FYI, we just fell in love with our engagement photos ALL OVER AGAIN! We want every single one in a frame.

June 2013 – Meg + Greg – Hi Jill, Thank you so much for the photos and sharing the blog! We received the CD full of images on Monday and are loving going through every single photo. You remembered every little detail and picked the best photos to tell the story of our day!

June 2013 – Jennifer + Dustin – Jill, These photos are AMAZING! Thank  you again for being so wonderful to work with. We are really so excited about these photos!

June 2013 – Erica and Brad – From Erica: Jill, Absolutely gorgeous pictures! You capture the evening perfectly.  I just had dinner with my family and the whole night we talked about the amazing pictures :-). You have been such a pleasure to work with. Thank you for everything. From Brad: Thank you so much! The photographs are AMAZING! You were amazing to work with!

May 2013 – Allie and Will – Jill was incredible right from the start. I loved that the engagement photo session was included with my package. It gave my fiance and I a chance to work with Jill and become comfortable being professionally photographed. The engagement photos came out awesome. And Jill was so receptive to my input about where to take them. And then came the wedding day. Jill was such a calming presence to have around and very unobtrusive. The resulting photos are absolutely incredible! She captured so much emotion and joy. My family and friends can’t stop raving. Thank you Jill for everything!!

May 2013 – Rachel and Sean – Jill, Sean and I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us.  You were always such a true pleasure to work with and I could not have imagined anyone else photographing our wedding.  Still, almost two years later you are so engaged with your clients!  Sean and I will always continue to recommend you because we can’t even think of anyone that is as phenomenal as you!  Weddings are so intimate and it means so much to hire not only a professional “vendor” but a friend.  You really are so amazing!!

May 2013 – Mia and Michael – Jill, Thank you so so so much. We LOVE the photos!!!!  I have already looked through the cd so many times!!  The blog and facebook photos are all great too, thank you for putting that together! I couldn’t be more in love with the photos!!!  You were amazing to work with!

April 2013 – Maria and Peter – Hi Jill,  I just want to say thank you. My pictures are AMAZING and you are extremely good at what you do! I just can not say enough wonderful things about the quality of pics and level of professionalism… Thank you again, Maria , Peter , & CoCo!

Jan 2013 – Allie and Joe- Dear Jill, We just wanted to say thank you again for capturing every moment of our big day. The pictures are gorgeous- Joe and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. You were a pleasure to work with! Thank you for helping to make our special day so memorable! Love, Allie and Joe

Dec 2012 – Emily Kearns and Chris Burke – Jill, Thank you so much for the gorgeous e-photos and your magical retouching – you are incredible! Thanks for making our first experience with Person + Killian so warm and positive. We can’t wait to spend our wedding day with you!

October 2012 Danielle and Dan – Hi Jill! Dan and I would like to thank you for an unbelievable job!! We had so much fun taking photos (even in the rain), and you both made it very easy to relax and enjoy our very special day. Well, what more can we say?! The pictures say it all – you did an outstanding job capturing our day!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Our families and wedding party thought you were fantastic too, and we have the most amazing pictures to last a lifetime! Thank you again for your amazing photography!!

September 2012 Tonya – Hi Jill, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your have done to make our wedding day special. The day was simply amazing and I could not have been happier with how well we worked together. It was so easy and at times I felt you weren’t even there! You made my family very happy. We got the disks in the mail and the pictures are absolutely STUNNING!!! You exceeded our expectations and we still look through all of our photos a lot! You really captured my day perfectly and viewing them was like reliving the day all over again. I can’t thank you enough Jill.

July 2012 – Alyx and Drew – Jill, our wedding day passed too quickly, but we’ll be forever grateful for the beautiful photos that let us relive the magic! Thank you for always being so patient & helpful. You captured our big day perfectly! We are your #1 fans!

June 2012 Cynthia (Mother of the Bride) – When we began planning our daughter’s wedding 18 months ago, the first vendor that we scheduled, after the venue, was Person + Killian. After viewing sample books at several venues, it quickly became clear to us that this was the premier Boston photographer: the quality of photographs and their ability to capture the personalities was outstanding. In working with Jill Person, we were not disappointed. The engagement session included in our package was well worth using, because it provided an opportunity for the bridal couple and Jill to become acquainted and comfortable with each other, and of course yielded some outstanding photos! Jill was thorough in her preparation for the wedding, which translated into her being almost imperceptible during the event itself. She was familiar with both the ceremony and reception venues, and well-prepared to deal, for example, with the fact that our church imposed restrictions on access during the ceremony–all of which meant that she obtained her shots in a manner that did not interfere with the ceremony. She captured the joyous mood of the day through formal and informal photos, and throughout the event. I am amazed at the quality of formal shots taken in a fairly short period of time, for example, prior to the ceremony. When we needed advice, she provided it. When we needed accommodation for family photos of people who were not able to arrive pre-ceremony, she did that, too. Somehow, Jill and her assistant managed to capture every shot we could have hoped for, and more. The difficulty we will have will be in choosing! What a happy dilemma, because as I read many times, what you have after the wedding (besides a happy bridal couple and, in our case, a terrific son-in-law!) are the photographs and the memories. I am very happy that we invested our resources in such quality photography, which was well worth the expense.

May 2012 Rachael – Jill was absolutely fantastic to work with. She captured all of the special moments during our wedding day. She worked well with our videographer, even though she hadn’t worked with him previously. Our wedding day was of course overwhelming and she did a great job of giving us space to just breathe and relax when she saw we were getting overwhelmed. She sent us our images in a remarkably short time given that the end of May was the start of their busy season. We haven’t yet put together our album, but I’m sure the outstanding quality of her work will extend to that as well. Jill is a true professional and we would recommend her to anyone that wants to work with the best.

Jan 2012 – Janet (Mother of the bride)- Dear Jill, Thank you for always accommodating Elizabeth and me in such a wonderful way. I adore the wedding album and admire it continually!! I feel so fortunate to have my own!! Words cannot adequately express how exquisite your work is… Thank you for making our relationship so easy and pleasurable.

April 2011 – Rhonda (Mother of the Bride)- Jill- Just wanted to let you know Stan and I LOVED our album!!! We got it on Saturday when we went to Randi and Roger’s house and we got to see their album as well. We really love the layout and mix of color and black and white photos in both albums! You made the whole precess fun and easy! We are thrilled that Randi and Roger chose P+K.

April 2011 – Jessica Tye- Jill , Andrew and I recently got back from our honeymoon and were greeted with the wedding pictures! They are absolutely amazing… We love them so much. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job at the wedding. You really helped to make out day a memorable one.

Sept 2010 – Katherine Boles- Jill, I’m crying a little! You are an amazing photographer and person!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. We love the photos of our day, you are so talented.Thank you again! Katherine

Sept 2010 – Regina and John- Hi Jill,We received the CD with the photos! They came out so beautifully and they really capture the spirit and fun of the day. The ceremony photos are stunning — I love that church so much. The Public Gardens photos came out so nicely with all the pretty colors and I really love the ones of John and I dancing at the reception. They really show how much fun we were having! I love them. Thank you so much!! LOVE THEM! Thanks, Regina

August 2010 – Julie and Phil- Jill Person photographed our wedding two weeks ago and was phenomenal! She is incredibly talented and professional, while her personality made her a pleasure to work with. From our initial meeting to our engagement session to the wedding day, we were so impressed with her. She wasn’t a distraction on the wedding day at all, and managed to make everyone feel comfortable. Thanks so much, Jill!!!

August 2010 – Felicia and Joe Pagliuca- Thank you Jill!! These photos are amazing and we are so glad you were part of our wonderful day. We just got back from our honeymoon and have been looking at your pictures–they are so beautiful! We could not be happier–thank you so much!

June 2010 – Mia and Torin Francis- Jill was amazing to work with. Wasn’t in the way at all but made sure to ask which details and people I wanted photographed and let me know she was there to capture whatever I wanted. Even though I barely told her anything she somehow captured every detail and tons of special and hilarious moments. There were times when I witnessed something funny and wished it was being photographed and then turned around and there they were snapping away, it was great. The pictures came out beautifully, stunning actually, and everyone agrees. I haven’t gotten my album yet but I can’t wait!

Heather and Nick- Fall 2009- The album arrived last night and of course we absolutely LOVE it!!!! It looks so much nicer than we even expected…. truly a work of art that we will cherish forever. We also love that it’s kind of minimalist…. not too many pictures that our friends and family will be overwhelmed if we make them sit through it. 🙂 Thank you so much!!!! You and Jill are really so amazingly talented! Heather

Nov 2009 – Elissa and Jeff- Person + Killian embodied all of the provided categories (Quality of Service, Responsiveness, Professionalism, Value for Cost, and Flexibility), and more. Jill was so personable and friendly, and we were instantly drawn to her calm and collected demeanor. Our engagement photo shoot was a great time – we were even able to bring our dog on the shoot with us! During the wedding preparation, first look at my now husband after getting ready, Ketubah signing, ceremony, cocktail reception, and wedding reception (speeches, first dance, cutting the cake, etc.) she took pictures seamlessly – we had no idea she was even there taking pictures. The photos came out beautifully and they were only a taste of what was yet to come. We just received the wedding album and were floored with how amazing it came out – the album itself is impressive, and the photos and layout are stunning. I have looked through it more times than I can count since receiving it! We appreciated so much her working with all the photos (hundreds of them) to make the album a story, with all of the different components of the wedding, as she captured every moment. P+K may even add a few pleasant (complimentary) surprises along the way 🙂 I can’t wait to show a cousin we referred to Person + Killian for her wedding photos what she has to look forward to. It was so worth every moment and penny! We can’t thank Jill and Person + Killian enough, they really are the best of the best!

October 2009 – Dominique and Ryan- Jill Person totally saved my life! My husband and I had a very bad experience with a photographer that we ended up firing 3 weeks before the wedding. Understandably we were stressed and worried that a) we wouldn’t find another photographer in time or b) we would find a photographer but might not be happy with them either. Well, Jill Person came along, being recommended to us by our on-site coordinator at the Liberty Hotel. Jill responded to my email right away and we made plans to talk later in the day. We had a wonderful conversation and I immediately felt at ease. We booked an in-person appointment and my husband and I met with her a day or two later. Our appointment went so well we hired her on the spot! We could not have been happier with Jill. She was a true professional and a true pleasure to work with. Her photos are stunningly beautiful and I am so happy my husband and I were able to snag her. 🙂 Hire Person + Killian Photography and even if they are slightly pricey, you will get piece of mind and THAT is worth something!

October 2009 – Kara and Matt- Oh, Jill — These are truly spectacular! I posted the link on my FB page and I had 13 emails in 2 minutes, unreal!!! We are so blown away by the photos. I emailed a bunch to my parents and they are already picking which ones they want framed. We can’t thank you enough for capturing the most precious moments of our wedding day. We feel so blessed to have had you as a part of our day.Thank you SO much. We are so in love with your work! All the best, Kara and Matt

May 2009 – Kristen and Mark- We worked with Jill Person for our wedding and couldn’t have been happier with the experience. She made us feel comfortable in front of the camera – not an easy feat! During the wedding, I completely forgot she was in the room, because she was so inconspicuous. And during the reception, they used such large lenses that there were times I would look around thinking “she’s missing it” because she wasn’t right in my face with a camera, but there she was 20 feet away, capturing the whole night! Wonderful!

August 2007 – Steve and Shayna- Person and Killian are FANTASTIC! We had the opportunity to work with Jill Person and from our very first meeting with her we felt welcomed and comfortable. She impressed us with her artistic eye, journalistic style, and ability to capture the moment. On our wedding day she was prompt, organized and relaxed. She immediately put us, and our guests, completely at ease and listened closely to our photo requests. She didn’t force the formal shots and even when we were “posing” she let things come naturally into view. She floated in and out of our ceremony and reception almost invisibly and took beautiful pictures without anyone noticing.The other night, as soon as we returned from our honeymoon, we received a CD with all of our photos. Each shot was better than the next. Our photos are truly amazing and now the challenge is to select our favorites for our family and friends to view online and for our wedding album. This is proving to be very difficult as there are simply too many good ones to chose from. We thank Jill for all of her hard work and would highly recommend the Person and Killian team to anybody looking to capture their special day. After all, the wedding lasts but a few short hours, but the pictures last forever. We feel truly blessed to have such great photo memories. Steve and Shayna