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The 2020 Mitzvah season kicked off earlier this month with the NEON LIGHTS themed Bat Mitzvah with AE Events. The afternoon started in Wellesley at Temple Beth Elohim for the family portraits prior to the service. From there, it was off to nearby Pine Brook Country Club in Weston for the celebration.

As guests entered the foyer, a giant “ABBEY” from Your Love In Lights glowed as a focal point prior to entering the main reception area. The neon theme was incorporated throughout all of the spaces from the food stations with neon signs over each area, photo booth with the glowing black-lights and GIF booth encompassed in a glowing neon cabana. The draped black walls gave the neon that extra pop and wow factor. Northern Lights Entertainment kept the party going all night with their DJ, band and dancers and surprises kept popping up from the popcorn cart to blinking neon cotton candy. There was even a rolling donut wall towards the end of the evening.

From the AE Events team: “The neon wall was a masterpiece! It started out as just an idea, and then watching it come to life over the past year was truly special. We worked with Mystic Scenic Studios, Inc. to help create it. The wall was built from 5 different neon companies. Some of the neon’s were custom, some from Amazon, but all put together, it was magical. The wall towered at 12 feet wide and 9 feel tall! It was a fun photo opportunity for Abbey and her guests. The wall also represents a lot of what we (AE Events) do as event planners. We build works of art and masterpieces that are up for less that 24 hours and then taken down, for only a few to see. It’s the process that brings pure joy in the end for the clients and makes it all worth it!”

A big thank you to AE Events for having me capture this spectacular celebration. Mazel Tov to Abbey and her family!

Event Coordination and Planning: AE Events – Christine Altieri, Phoebe Allen and India Callaghan; Celebration: Pine Brook Country Club; Catering: Pine Brook, Woops and Blackbird Doughnuts; Print: Fete Collection; Photobooth: Boston GIF; Air Brush Tattoo and Glow Booth: Fun Enterprises; Rentals: Your Love in Lights, Mystic Scenic, Taylor Creative, Tommy Wholesale, Party By Design; Lighting: Suzanne B Lowell Lighting; AV: Capron; Entertainment: Northern Lights Entertainment; Neon Wall: WEON, Locomotion, Light Me Up, Amped and Co and Etsy; Transportation: Cocell

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of working with Emily and her family for her Boston based, New York City themed Bat Mitzvah. We loved capturing this beautiful, fun and energetic day at Granite Links Golf Club.

From Stephanie Stark of Janie Haas Events – Planner and Coordinator for Emily’s big celebration: “When I first met back with Emily and her Mother and Grandmother back in 2014 (yes! 2 full years before the Bat Mitzvah), I knew we were going to have a lot of fun creating a fun, energetic and over the top celebration. Their expectation from Day One was to be unique, outside the box and provide an experience their guests would never forget. As I got to know Emily and her interests, I  learned that Emily is very social, she has TONS of close friends, she LOVES to dance and loves spending time in her favorite place – NYC!

They first approached me with the idea of a NYC theme, we wanted to think outside the “cliché NYC theme” box and try to shake it up a bit by introducing nods to the neighborhoods of NYC. As guests arrived, they were greeted with a larger than life NYC scape, including a giant billboard featuring Emily’s name and a collage of photos, the Statue of Liberty, NYC skyscrapers and even the Freedom Tower. Kids enjoyed their cocktail hour in a fun and urban setting, reminiscent of Brooklyn / Lower Manhattan, complete with a graffiti bar, graffiti trash can cocktail tables, graffiti artists and a couple fun street games.

The ballroom space, where guests spent the bulk of the night eating, drinking and dancing the night away gleamed and sparkled like the finest nightclub in Upper Manhattan. Siagel Productions kept the guests dancing all night long, the DJ spinning from the top of a 5ft gold mirror riser! For dinner, we themed the stations to reflect various NYC neighborhoods – We had a fabulous Chinatown Station, a plentiful Meat Packing District station and a delicious Little Italy themed food station. The adult dining tables were adorned with the most gorgeous vibrant color flowers, provided by Raymond Felton and Jimmy Guzman of Marc Hall Designs. The kids sat in fun cabana style lounges and serpentine tables provided by Art of the Event.

There were 3 event logos that were created especially for Emily and the logos were EVERYWHERE, from custom lounge pillows, to stickers on Asian to go boxes, to decals on table tops and everywhere in between. We capped off the night with an elaborate dessert display, themed the nines, provided by Sweet Indulgence from Cranston, RI. As guests left their NYC experience, they loaded up goodie bags with every imaginable sweet treat.

From soup to nuts, no details were overlooked. We had the BEST experience working with these clients and felt honored to bring this vision and experience, two years in the making, to life with the help of an amazing team of Boston’s Top vendors.”

Mazel Tov to Emily and her family!  A big thank you to Sara and her wonderful team at Granite Links for being wonderful to work with and to to Stephanie, Diana and the team at Janie Haas Events for introducing us to this wonderful family and giving Emily the day she had been dreaming of!

boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-001 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-002 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-003 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-004 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-005 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-006 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-007 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-008 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-009 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-010 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-011 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-012 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-013 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-014 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-015 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-016 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-017 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-018 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-019 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-020 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-021 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-022 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-023 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-024 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-025 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-026 boston-bat-mitzvah-photography-027

Planning and Coordination: Janie Haas Events; Temple: Temple Sinai Sharon, MA; Reception: Granite Links Golf Club; Flowers: Marc Hall Designs; Furniture, Décor and Graphic Design: Art of The Event; Lighting: Frost Productions; Desert/Favors: Sweet Indulgence;  Entertainment: Siagel Productions


Boston Bat Mitzvah at Granite Links Golf Club planned and coordinated by Janie Haas Events – Photography by Person + Killian Photography – 251 Newbury Street – Boston, MA 02116, 617.236.1662 – [email protected] / [email protected]

When the team at Janie Haas Events asked us to be the photographers for Abigail’s upcoming Bat Mitzvah at The Revere Hotel’s Space 57, we knew it would be fun, modern and whimsical. When the day came for the celebration, we walked into a space transformed into a  Bat Mitzvah In Wonderland. We asked planner Stephanie Stark to describe the inspiration behind the event and here is what she had to say:

“… I keep a “Mitzvah Inspiration” folder in my office and collect ideas that I tuck away for future reference. I had been holding onto this idea of a Wonderland theme event for a couple of years and waited to find the right child for this theme. Then along came Abigail. Her mother, Patricia, described her as “all girl, 100% estrogen” who wanted a fun, creative and unique theme for her Bat Mitzvah. I pitched some of the ideas I had for a Wonderland theme to Abigail and her mother- hanging chairs from the ceiling, mad hatter tea party with vintage china, a cool black and white patterned dance floor, oversized everything .. and they both LOVED the idea. I learned, after blindly pitching the idea, that Abigail’s mother used to read the book written by Lewis Carroll to Abigail as a child and that they both loved the eccentricity and whimsy of the novel. It was the perfect opportunity for us all to let our creative juices flow. Patricia brought many ideas to the table herself- like the use of many of the novel’s quotes throughout the décor. It was important to her that there be a message behind everything and not just flashy décor. With my amazing designer at Art of the Event, Elizabeth Holden, my inspired lighting designer, Suzanne Lowell and many other participants and visionaries, the event you see before came to life with adventure and excitement around every corner.”

Mazel Tov to Abigail and her family and a thank you to the amazing team at Janie Haas Events for thinking of us to capture this beautiful celebration!

Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 001

Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 002Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 003Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 004Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 005Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 006Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 007Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 008Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 009Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 011Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 010Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 012Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 013Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 014Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 015Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 016Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 017Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 018Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 019Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 020Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 021Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 022Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 023Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 024Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 025Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 026Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 027Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 028Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 029Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 030Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 031Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 032Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 033Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 034Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 035Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 036Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 037Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 038Revere Hotel Bat Mitzvah Photography 039

Venue: Revere Hotel Boston – Studio 1 and Space 57; Planning and Coordination: Janie Haas Events; Photography: Person + Killian Photography; Decor: Art of the Event; Rentals: Peterson Party Center; Lighting: Suzanne B Lowell; Entertainment: Klass Universal Entertainment; Additional Rentals: Tommy Wholesale; Performers: TEN31 Productions; Face painting: Peanut Butter; Additional Entertainment: Creative Event; Confectionery Table: Sweet Indulgence; Additional Sweets: Andie’s Specialty Sweets; Video: Generations Cinemastories; Cake: Amanda Oakleaf


Revere Hotel Boston Bat Mitzvah at Space 57 by Person + Killian Photography. Jill Person and Laurén Killian are located in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay at 251 Newbury Street and can be reached via email at [email protected] or [email protected] or via phone at 617.236.1662

Last weekend we had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful Bat Mitzvah at the Four Seasons Hotel Boston, designed and planned by the always fabulous Hopple Popple Events.

We joined Lily and her family at Temple before the service on Saturday morning for some portraits. That afternoon, we rejoined Lily and her family at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel Boston for her Bat Mitzvah celebration. The Four Seasons ballroom was transformed for the big day, with colors and themes designed especially for Lily. A mix of elegant white-mirror top tables and bright purple linens surrounded a sleek all-white dance floor in the middle of the ballroom, and each table was topped with a beautifully colorful floral arrangement. The mix of pink, orange, and yellow flowers gave the room a great pop of color, and we loved the unique white vases that displayed them all. Each of the tables also featured custom-designed floral arrangements inside sets of totally fashionable high heels. Lily is a huge fashionista, and these special centerpieces were a surprise just for her! Lily’s own table featured a special set of ice skates filled with custom white and silver flowers, to celebrate Lily’s many years as a figure skater. Once the sun started to set, the ballroom was washed with colorful purple up lights and the tabletops were lit with soft candles for a beautiful warm glow. Even the crystal ballroom chandeliers were purple to match with the rest of the decor!

Guests enjoyed a fun photo booth, delicious food, and non-stop dancing to celebrate Lily on this very special day. At the end of the night, everyone was treated to churros, a make-your-own sundae bar, and berry-topped bites of chocolate mousse served in mini chocolate high heels! We had so much fun sharing in this celebration with Lily and her family. Special thanks to Hopple Popple Events and the entire team at the Four Seasons for a fabulous night! Mazel Tov, Lily!

Mitzvah Photography | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photography | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photography | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photography | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photography | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photography | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photography | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photography | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photography | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photography | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photography | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photographer | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photographer | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photographer | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photographer | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photographer | Boston | Person Killian

Mitzvah Photographer | Boston | Person Killian

Mitzvah Photographer | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photographer | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photographer | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photographer | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photographer | Boston | Person Killian Mitzvah Photographer | Boston | Person Killian

Vendors | Event Planning: Hopple Popple Events; Florist: Domenic Cambio; Rentals: Be Our Guest, AFR Furniture Rental, Tommy Wholesale; Lighting: Port Lighting

This March we had the pleasure of photographing a Royal Sonesta Bat Mitzvah. We started at Temple Emmanuel in Newton, MA with Ally and her wonderful family for a mix of fun, candid and formal photos.

The party kicked off on Saturday night at the Royal Sonesta in Cambridge, MA where Ally’s family and friends came to congratulate her on a job well done on the morning ceremony.

The purple colored theme was custom designed and created by the team at Hopple Popple. Adults enjoyed cocktail hour that included the signature purple Ally-Tini and the kids spent time at the green screen photobooth.

Before guests were invited into the ballroom, we were able to capture some cute photos of Ally and her family in the gorgeous ballroom and take advantage of some of the prop frames from the photobooth.

We loved the design and decor in the ballroom which included clear square high-top tables. The centerpieces were a show stopper – A mix of white and purple feathers held in custom designed vases with Ally’s flower logo. The adult tables had beautiful floral arrangements from the talented team at Spruce Floral.

Before the party really kicked into high-gear, we captured some of the important Bat Mitzvah traditions including the Ha-motzi, Horah and candle lighting ceremony. For the rest of the night, guests danced non-stop and were entertained by NYC based Total Entertainment who kept the crowd going and provided us with great photo ops!

Mazel tov to Ally and her family and thank you for having Person + Killian Photography capture such a special event in your lives. We had a blast capturing such a fun and energetic celebration!

Venue: Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge; Photography: Person + Killian Photography; Event Planning, Coordination and Design: Hopple Popple Inc.; Entertainment: Total Entertainment, NYC; Florals: Spruce Floral; Lighting: ALPS


This post is filed under a Royal Sonesta Bat Mitzvah in Cambridge, MA and photographed by Person + Killian Photography. Jill Person can be reached via email at [email protected] and Laurén Killian can be reached via email at [email protected] and via phone at 617.236.1662. Our offices are located at 251 Newbury Street in Boston, MA and at 174 Bellevue Ave Suite 313, Newport, RI. Visit our main website at PersonKillian.com and view more Bar and Bat Mitzvah Event Photography in our Mitzvah Gallery

Last weekend Person + Killian photographed a spectacular Boston Bat Mitzvah with Rafanelli Events. Julia’s big weekend kicked off on her birthday at Congregation Or Atid in Wayland, MA. There, we were able to capture Julia, her parents and siblings practicing for the next day’s big ceremony. After some great candid and group shots we headed out to nearby Pine Brook Country Club in Weston for a formal family dinner.

The celebration began Saturday night at WGBH Studios in Boston. The studio was decked out in fun and interactive decor that the guest of honor along with her family and friends could enjoy throughout cocktail hour including the fun candid photo wall with Julia’s signature logo. We love that Rafanelli Events was able to customize the event with the logo in everything from walls, straws and even the cupcakes. After cocktail hour, guests headed into the theater for a special video created for Julia. Guests were wowed when the doors of the studio opened to revealed the dinner and dancing portion of the evening.

The setup at Pine Brook Country Club included some of the favorite family photos that added a great personal touch to the setting.

The main lobby of WGBH was the perfect backdrop for cocktail hour. The space was divided into a sleek and modern section for the adults and a modern interactive section for the kids.

We loved the props that the crew at Rafanelli Events put together for the photo wall. They were a big hit with the guests throughout the evening and we had the opportunity to take some shots of Julia and her family at the beginning of the night.

Julia loved her custom-made sign in board that adorned the wall for guests to sign on the way into the dinner.

Following the traditional blessing of the challah, candle lighting and a few heartfelt and emotional speeches by Julia’s siblings, the crowd danced the evening away with entertainment by Kupah of KLASS Universal Entertainment. There was dancing, music videos shown on giant circle screens on the wall, break-dancing and more!

After dinner, desserts were brought out to the cocktail area complete with a cotton candy machine and make your own sundae bar for the kids tables.

Event Planning and Design: Rafanelli Events; Photography: Person + Killian Photography; Entertainment: KLASS Universal Entertainment; Catering: MAX Ultimate Food; Lighting: Port Lighting; Rentals: Be Our Guest; Dance Floor and Stage: Peterson Party Center; Video: Boston Wedding Films; Flowers: Table and Tulip


The Event Photography of this Boston Bat Mitzvah was photographed by Person + Killian Photography at WGBH Studios, Boston. This event was planned and coordinated by Rafanelli Events. Jill Person and Laurén Killian can be reached via email at [email protected] and [email protected] or via phone at 617.236.1662 with locations on Newbury Street Boston and Newport, Rhode Island.

2011 kicked off to a great start for Person + Killian Photography with Hailey’s Bat Mitzvah. Prior to the reception at The Charles Hotel, we spent some time with Hailey and her family for some formal portraits at Temple Emanuel.

The celebration took place in The Charles Hotel in Cambridge. While the adults enjoyed the great view of Harvard Square from the Regatta Bar, the kids were entertained by the dance crew from Northern Lights.

The ballroom was decorated with some of Hailey’s favorite candy that included a giant Hershey’s Bar and Tootsie Roll. The theme was carried out through the end of the evening and included an ice cream sundae bar, cotton candy station and cider donuts that were a hit with all of the guests. You could definitely tell what Hailey’s favorite color was — pink! Everything from the chairs to the napkins to the linens, even Hailey’s beautiful dress was a fun shade of pink.

Happy Birthday and Mozel Tov Hailey! We had a blast capturing your special day.

Planners: Hopple Popple; Venue: The Charles Hotel; Entertainment: Northern Lights; Linens: Table Toppers of Newton; Flowers: Spruce Floral; Lighting: Suzanne B. Lowell Lighting

This post is filed under Person + Killian Photography and Bat Mitzvah Photography at The Charles Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Person + Killian Photography had the pleasure of photographing an amazing Boston Bat Mitzvah that was made possible by the fabulous team at Rafanelli Events. The morning started out at the beautiful Temple Ohabei Shalom in Brookline. The events of the day continued at The Ritz-Carlton Boston where the 2nd floor was transformed into one of Zoe and her family’s favorite vacation spots in Cannes, France. The guests experienced an array of surprises throughout the evening with everything from VIP style cabanas, a cotton candy dessert station and video montage all leading up to the highlight of the night.  Zoe and her guests were treated to a performance by “Status Quo” from MTV’s “Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew“. It was such a pleasure to work once again with so many of our friends in the business from video by AfterImage Productions, stunning table arrangements by Spruce Floral and the amazing decor from ceiling to floor from Be Our Guest, PBD Events and Rentals Unlimited. A special thank you to Erin Palank, Julie Wolman and the rest of the crew at Rafanelli Events as well as Laura Fox and the team at The Ritz-Carlton, Boston for making this such a wonderful event to have been a part of. P+K are looking forward to capturing future Bat and Bar Mitzvahs with wonderful warm and loving families like Zoe’s. Mazal tov and Happy 13th to Zoe! Venue: The Ritz-Carlton, Boston Planner: Rafanelli Events Floral: Spruce Floral Entertainment: Upside, Eye2Eye, Bongar Biz – Status Quo Rentals: PBD Events, Be Our Guest, Rentals Unlimited Cake: Cakes to Remember Video: AfterImage Productions Lighting: Port Lighting