The world of fabulous parties and weddings can be small in an intimate city like Boston. We have had the remarkable opportunity to get to know three awesome gals, Jessica Latimer, Tracy Freedman and Courtney Smith on numerous events and industry get togethers at five star venues in the city. We know that that they are serious about weddings and you can tell right away by their style that these girls live,  breath and are in love with fashion.

Each is a veritable force in their own right when it comes to  the world of fashion, marketing and design. Jessica Latimer has spent her career  busy with various editing positions at major style publications and provides a serious approach to journalism. Tracy Freedman has pursued her love of fashion, it’s history and colorful designers her entire life and Courtney Smith incorporates her love of fashion into everything that she does. In 1997, with champagne glasses in hand,  the three joined forces and  jumped in, stilettos and all,  to the digital world of fashion with their  blog and web site, DernierCri.

Fashion is ever changing always new, exciting and different. We love firing up our computers or getting a ding on our phones with a new story from the world of  what’s new. We spend too much time scrolling around their site and reading the posts about cool, pretty and of course fashionable things. We just can’t help it!

One of their recent posts caught our eye and we just had to share it. They wrote about a hip fashion label XPat and presented showcases of this designers work. As photographers, we loved the use of strong imagery presented with the clothing to tell a story.  XPat is garnering a lot of attention with their use of  Aztec color and updated menswear stripes fashioned for today’s woman.

We look forward to seeing what is in our inbox tomorrow. To learn more about the latest fashion or to read the last word, please visit their web site and blog. Great job gals!